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What is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is a small sample of tissue that is removed from an individual’s body for further testing. This tissue is often examined to determine if any abnormalities are present, such as cancerous cells. 

Many patients experience significant anxiety over biopsy results, though it is important to remember that this procedure is only a preliminary diagnostic test used to gain more information about the person’s health and possible medical conditions that may be affecting them. Cancer is not always the answer following a biopsy, but early detection and diagnosis is ideal if that is indeed the case.

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Types of Biopsies Performed by Dr. Vasdekas 

Individuals may be recommended for a biopsy of many different areas of the body. Typically, a biopsy will be ordered by Dr. Vasdekas after an examination or screening of some kind has identified an area of concern. Various diagnostic imaging tests can provide incredibly detailed images of the body, but only a biopsy can definitively tell whether or not any abnormal tissue is present.

Endoscopic Biopsy

To reach internal organs such as the colon, lungs, or prostate, an endoscopic biopsy will typically be utilized. A flexible tube with an attached camera called an endoscope will be inserted and then gently guided to the target area of the body. Once there is a clear visual of the tissue to be removed, Dr. Vasdekas will manipulate small surgical tools through the endoscope and retract the entire sample along with the device.

Needle Biopsy

One of the most common types of biopsies used, a needle biopsy involves the use of a long, very thin needle that is attached to a syringe. The needle may be guided using specialized imaging software, and once it is in the proper position, Dr. Vasdekas will collect a column of fluid and/or tissue within the attached syringe to be analyzed. 

Needle biopsies, or more minimally invasive forms of this procedure called fine-needle biopsies, are frequently used to address issues of the thyroid or breast.

Skin Biopsy

Concerning moles or lesions on the skin are often evaluated after a skin biopsy is obtained. A round-shaped knife is used to entirely remove a circle of questionable tissue to be tested for malignancy or inflammation. This procedure is also often referred to as a punch biopsy.

Bone Marrow Biopsy

To accurately diagnose diseases of the blood like lymphoma or leukemia, a bone marrow biopsy will be required. This type of biopsy is also effective in monitoring treatment for blood diseases to determine how well they are working over time.

To access a patient’s bone marrow, Dr. Vasdekas will need to insert a large needle into more sizeable bones such as the femur or pelvis to collect a large enough sample for testing.

Surgical Biopsy

If the area of concern is particularly difficult to reach using other types of biopsy procedures, surgery may need to be performed. A surgical biopsy (also known as an open biopsy) may be a consideration for individuals who are able to have their entire mass of tissue removed at one time.

Common Concerns

Biopsies are not generally very painful, and most types require little to no recovery time. Anesthetics will be utilized if necessary to ensure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the entire procedure. 

After the biopsy is complete, patients will await further updates from Dr. Vasdekas after their tissue sample has been collected and sent on to a pathologist for thorough analysis. Once the results have been determined, individuals will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to discuss additional treatments if needed.

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